Introduction to Information Geometry and its applications

Photo credit: Studio Tomás Saraceno

Course pages for Delta ITP Advanced course in Theoretical Physics (ATP) — Sept 5 – Oct 10 2022, Leiden University, Lectured by Dr. Subodh Patil, Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Welcome to the spring 2022 iteration of the DITP course on topics in theoretical physics! This year’s topic will be on Information geometry and it’s applications. Information geometry in a nutshell, is the geometrization of the study of families of probability distributions. It brings together statistics, information theory and differential geometry in a manner that not only reveals deep and surprising connections between them, but also has wide ranging applications that span topics as diverse as statistical inference and data analysis, machine learning, information theory, quantum measurement theory, statistical physics, biophysics and high energy theory to name only a sample. Below you will find a link to all the information and relevant resources you’ll need to follow the course.

General information

Textbooks, reviews, and additional resources

Special topics coffee table

Week I

Week II

Week III

Week IV

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