Week I

The lectures begin with an overview, covering the ontology of information in physics: what it is, what it means, and how to quantify it. As I hope to demonstrate, the concept of entropy will prove a crucial role, and we will consider various definitions and how they relate to each other before defining what information geometry is and what one can hope to learn from its study. We then jump right in to secure the mathematical foundations we need to understand information geometry, namely probability and statistical inference. I encourage you to explore the supplementary material for this, and all subsequent weeks at your own pace. N.B. the lecture notes elaborate on things covered in the lecture in greater detail, in addition to covering additional material for generality. If you followed everything in the lectures, you’re more than prepared to end the coming four weeks with a working understanding of information geometry!

Week I lecture notes

Lecture I (morning)

Lecture II (afternoon)

Week I — supplemental reading

Coin toss simulation Mathematica notebook

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