Special topics coffee table

Below, I’ll gather links to various readings, one or more of which could be a basis for your module write up, or help inspire further reading. Don’t feel obliged to restrict yourselves to any of the suggestions below, just view them as a pile of articles on a coffee table for you to peruse through. I encourage to go looking for applications more aligned with whatever you’re interested in. N.B. some of these papers will contain material that many of your fellow students and instructor may know nothing about (e.g. evolutionary game theory)! You should aim to provide an introduction to the basic concepts as part of your write up in that case. Everyone should be able to find an example below or of your own choosing that is within your reach with a little bit of effort, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the TA for help understanding some of the material if needed.

This list will be updated continually. If you find any interesting suggestions on your own, please feel free to suggest them and I will include them below:

Information loss under course graining: a geometric approach

Information geometry in vapor-liquid equilibrium

Information geometry and evolutionary game theory

Multi-parameter models, emergent theories and information geometry — see related lecture by one of the authors.

Information geometry and phase transitions and applications to a reaction-diffusion model.

Markov blankets, information geometry and stochastic thermodynamics

From information geometry to quantum theory

Information geometry of quantum resources (applications of information geometry to quantum coherence and entanglement).

Information geometry and hydrodynamics (makes reference to anomalies, but you needn’t focus on this, and I can help with the deciphering).

Information geometry in optimization, machine learning and statistical inference

Information geometry of the mean field approximation — this is applied to Boltzmann machines, a statistical model in theoretical neuroscience.

Information geometry in quantum field theory

Information geometry, dynamics, and discrete quantum mechanics — (see also references)

Quantifying galactic clustering using information geometry

Stochastic thermodynamic interpretation of information geometry

Information geometry in cosmological inference problems

Interest rates and information geometry — authors are physicists: May require some additional background on bond yield curves… but it could be a fun excuse to learn and teach the rest of us something about the topic! 

Experimental evaluation of thermodynamic cost and speed limit in living cells via information geometry — N.B. this is an experimental paper, so lots of theory background will be in the supplements and the references.

Relative entropy and proximity of quantum field theories 

Information-geometric inequalities of chemical thermodynamics

Generalized geometric quantum speed limits

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